Music Monday: XO Tour LiiF3 – Fame on Fire (Cover)

I’m a sucker for remixes. A few months ago, I somehow stumbled upon a YouTube channel that remixes popular songs from today into 80’s jams, polka hits, and emo covers among other things. Most people I know think it’s silly but the channel has 200K+ followers so I know I’m not the only one. I’m always open to new music genres and clashing ideas so anything involving an “unconventional” remix is definitely appealing to me.

That’s how I got to Fame on Fire’s XO Tour Liif3 Cover. It’s funny because when I first heard the remix, I hadn’t even heard the original song by Lil Uzi Vert – but I loved in immediately. I think Punk/Rock/Alternative might be my favorite type of music and I swear the lyrics to this song were just meant to be in this style instead of hip-hop. It easily translates to a more sad/angry place and fits in naturally with a punk style. If you asked me to choose between the two versions, I would easily go for Fame On Fire’s. I immediately want to start headbanging and am also swiftly reminded of my emo days spent listening to the saddest and most angsty songs that were all over MTV at the time (back when they actually played music). And for some reason, “all my friends are dead” just speaks to me in the same way those emo songs did in the past.

Make sure you listen below – this will probably be your new favorite song (thank me later):


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