The Story


Gothic Lamb was founded in the Summer of 2016 by me, Lucy, a quirky alternative black girl with a big dream. My main inspiration for Gothic Lamb was and still is big name brands like Dollskill, Disturbia, Killstar, Witch Worldwide and more. But I often noticed a lack of representation. None of the models or designers looked like me. I saw a need that I and many others felt needed to be fulfilled. And as I researched and reached out, I found that there were great alternative black models who were passionate about helping the cause and were so happy to see a brand catering to their style. In turn, I also had to step out of my shell to become a model and representation of my own brand. It hasn't been an easy process and I'm nowhere near done. I'm hoping to collaborate more, get featured in blogs and magazines, and eventually go to conventions and host pop-up shops. But I hope you can see the impact it's already having. Hearing all the feedback is what makes it worth it. Gothic Lamb is the brand made for and by the alternative black girl.

As a graphic designer, I've always had creation in my blood so it was easy to create my own designs in my unique style; something I like to call "graphic-goth". But of course, with goth inspired fashion also comes music. The title of my brand comes from a song by my favorite rapper, musician, artist, and idol; Charles Hamilton. Set to the beat of Classic Man by Jidenna; he raps about being misunderstood, a black sheep, a Gothic Lamb. Once I heard the song I immediately identified with the title and it easily became first choice for my clothing brand. Something unique and easily identifiable. Of course, Gothic Lamb isn't all encompassing for every black goth girl and I believe there is space for other brands to be created in the same genre. But I hope you enjoy this space I've created within Gothic Lamb, and find that representation that I know we are all looking for.